Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Madison County Bar Association website. Whether you’re a member of the bar or a resident or business in need of an attorney, I hope that you find what you’re looking for here.  The Madison County Bar Association strives to provide helpful resources to our members, including free CLEs, networking and social events, section memberships, and public service opportunities. We hope the public also finds our lawyer referral service a trusted way to find effective counsel.

This year, in addition to our normal priorities of supporting lawyers and the public at large, we have established the following special priorities:

1. Raising Monthly Meeting Attendance

The Madison County Bar is one of the few bar associations in Alabama that meets every month. Most bar associations meet on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. In Madison County, we strongly believe in the value of staying connected through regular meetings. First, our monthly meetings build camaraderie and good relations between all of our attorneys in the Madison County Bar. Attendees are encouraged to get to know fellow lawyers from around the area. The lunches are also a great place for young attorneys to network and get to know older attorneys who can offer valuable insight on the practice of law.

Next, in order to help our attorneys make it to court dockets on time, we began serving lunch at 11:45 with the business of the meeting starting at noon. We recognize the busy, often frantic, schedules lawyers must keep in today’s world. We value your time and the time sacrifice you make to attend regular bar meetings. With that in mind, we strive to make every minute count.

This year, we have also made a concerted effort to bring in interesting and thoughtful speakers. Recent speakers have included law school deans, the Alabama state bar president, and other prominent legal professionals. The monthly lunches also provide attorneys with practical information and announcements on bar activities, CLE opportunities, and ways to give back through Pro Bono.

Finally, monthly bar meetings are a great way to show law students, clerks, and interns why Madison County is a great place to practice law. Attorneys and judges are invited to bring students along for lunch, and we make an effort to recognize these young people.

2. Mentorship for Young Attorneys

As another top priority, we are committed to cultivating the next generation of Madison County attorneys through meaningful mentee-mentor relationships. For young attorneys in solo practice, a veteran attorney willing to lend an ear, advice, or an opinion can be an invaluable resource. More experienced attorneys can help younger attorneys by providing trusted guidance on diverse areas of the law, effective representation of clients, building and growing a law practice, and navigating the County’s courtrooms, customs, and system.

This year, we will be bolstering mentorships for young attorneys, particularly those who are solo practitioners. By pairing young attorneys looking for a mentor with older, more experienced attorneys, we feel strongly that we can enrich the practice of law for young and old alike, as well as provide even better legal services to the public.

I would like to encourage our veteran members of the bar to think about how valuable such a relationship would have been when they began practicing law. We invite these elder bar members to become involved in the mentorship program.


J. Mark Debro
Huntsville-Madison County Bar Association

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