Other Committees of the HMCBA

Attendance, Sponsorship, and Entertainment Committee:

Chair: John Brinkley
Co-Chair: Gerri L. Plain
Members: Amanda Coolidge, Franklin Corley, Jo Layne Hall, Rebecca Hall, Jameson Hughston, Ryan Letson, Chris Lockwood, Bart Siniard, Ty Shepard, Jonathan Townsend, Nate Wake

Awards Committee:

Chair: Dagnal Rowe
Co-Chair: Suzanne D. Currie
Members: Carolyn R. Johnson, Honorable Donna S. Pate, Larry O. Daniel, Jr., Julian D. Butler, Edward E. Wilson, Rankin Sneed

Communications and Technology Committee:

Chair: Harold D. Mooty, III
Co-Chair: John R. Hightower
Members: Morris H. Lilienthal

Continuing Legal Education Committee:

Chair: Rebekah K, McKinney
Co-Chair: J. Mark Debro

Fee Dispute Committee:

Chair: W. Graham Burgess
Co-Chair: Brannon S. Ford
Members: Brian D. Clark, W. Heath Brooks

Finance and Charitable Fund Committee:

Chair: Joseph D. Aiello
Co-Chair: Adam C. Dauro
Members: George A. Smith, Travis S. Jackson

Governance and Bylaw Committee:

Chair: Leslie C. Sharpe
Co-Chair: Jennifer F. Brinkley

Grievance Committee:

Chair: Warne S. Heath
Co-Chair: Ronald C. Sykstus, William P. (Bill) Burgess
Members: W.Allen Davis, Jerry Barclay, Julia S. Aquila,Kimberly K. Rucker, Amy Slayden, Robert B. Tuten, Stephanie Werdehoff, Timothy R. Callins, Charles A. Ray, IV, Samuel H. Givhan,  L. Thomas (Tom) Ryan, Jr., Carolyn R. Johnson, Robert E. Rawlinson

Health Insurance Committee:

Chair: Kevin Heard
Members: Kenneth D. Hampton, Deborah Lynn Long

Law Library Committee:

Chair: Honorable D. Alan Mann
Co-Chair: Douglas C. Martinson
Members: John R. Hightower, Mary Ena Heath, Thomas C. Phelps
Chair Law Foundation: A. Mac Martinson
Court Administrator: Kim Gray
Librarian: Gina Marlowe

Membership/Mentor Committee:

Chair: Jeremiah M. Hodges
Members: Christopher Messervy, Geoffrey Middleton, Dorothy H. Schmidt, Elizabeth Q. Wirtz

Memorials, Archives, and History Committee:

Chair: Julian D. Butler
Co-Chair: Benjamin R. Little

Nominating Committee:

Chair: Suzanne D. Currie
Co-Chair: Susan C. Conlon
Members: Amy A. Slayden, Honorable Chris Comer, Honorable Claude E. Hundley, III, Robert C. Lockwood, John Burbach, Tara L. Helms

Professionalism Committee:

Chair: Honorable Claude E. Hundley, III
Co-Chair: J. Allen Brinkley
Members: John A. Brinkley, Jr., Honorable Bruce E. Williams, Honorable Christian M. Comer

Volunteer Lawyers Program:

Chair: Nicole S. Schroer
Co-Chair: Tazewell T. Shepard

Last updated October 4, 2016

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