résumés—Looking for a Job

To have your résumé posted, please email a copy to office@huntsvillebar.org.  The Huntsville Bar Association reserves the right to refuse publication of résumés which, in the opinion of its board of directors, are not appropriate for this site.  Résumés and positions needed will remain on the site for 6 months.  Please notify the HBA if employment is gained.

The following people have indicated that they are seeking employment and have asked us to post their résumés:

Mac Resume (5 22).pdf

Legal Assistant- S. Brock Resume (5 22).pdf

Internship Resume - Ben Byard (3 22).pdf

Internship Resume - Camille Atkins (3 22).pdf

Internship Resume - Analeigh Coats (3 22).docx

Paralegal Resume - Charles Duren (2 22).pdf

Associate Attorney Resume Maria Victoria Warner (1 22).pdf

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