1.  The Huntsville-Madison County Bar Association (HMCBA) membership mailing labels are available for sale at a charge of $200.00 per set.

2.  Labels may not be purchased for commercial purposes, including the advertising or selling of products or services.

3.  The purpose of any mailing using HMCBA mailing labels must be disclosed to the HMCBA.

4.  Candidates for judicial office may purchase mailing labels from the HMCBA for $200 per set.

5.  Outside associations or entities may purchase HMCBA mailing labels to promote seminars or events, provided said seminars or events do not conflict with HMCBA sponsored seminars or events.

6.  The HMCBA may provide mailing labels electronically, but only to a "mailhouse" or company engaged in the printing, addressing and mailing of bulk pieces, and only after receipt of a confidentiality and destruction agreement signed by said "mailhouse" or company.

7.  The HMCBA reserves the right, in its discretion, not to sell mailing labels or provide electronic mailing labels to any or all prospective purchasers.

8.  HMCBA membership email addresses will not be provided to third-parties or outside entities.


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