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The Huntsville Bar Association, Inc., offers an Associate Membership to all members of the Alabama State Bar in good standing for an annual fee of $150.00.  With an Associate Membership, you and your employees (30-hour work week) have the opportunity to participate in our platinum level BCBS Health Insurance Plan and several additional insurance benefits.   There will be an annual $25.00 Administrative Fee for each participant in the plan. The Administrative Fee and Associate Dues are billed annually November 1.  For participants enrolling during the course of the year, Administrative Fees will be prorated. 

       Click here to apply for Associate Membership:   Applicant Letter and Associate Application                                   

The HBA is not subject to the open enrollment rules for new members.  We take new members all year.  When you join as an Associate Member, you and your employees are considered a “New Hire” for insurance purposes with 30 days to enroll in the health insurance plan.  For existing members, open enrollment is November 1-30 each year.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

 Plan Year:
November 1, 2023 -October 31, 2024
 Premium: Family
$ 729.91/month
 Deductible:         Family
 Copay: $40.00/visit

Point of Sale Prescription Plan (subject to deductible, then 80%)

  BCBS Benefit Book \2023-2024.pdf  


BCBS Online Tools.pdf

Alabama Blue APP.pdf

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental and Vision 

Dental Blue Complete: Employee $41.98; Family (employee + dependents) $97.22

Dental Blue Complete w/Orthodontics: Family (employee + dependents) $107.94

Vision Gold: Employee Only $10.59; Employee + One $16.94; Employee + Children $17.26; Family $27.85

Vision Silver:  Employee Only $7.87; Employee + One $12.60; Employee + Children $12.83; Family $20.71   

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